Top 6 Bounty Hunters Of Today’s Era

Top 6 Bounty Hunters Of Today’s Era

Bounty hunters are people who seek to find and capture criminals who have refused to appear in court or skipped bail. They act as private citizens who support the criminal justice system. In most cases, bounty hunters work as an independent contractor and usually take on tasks from bail bond agencies. Looking at statistics, bounty hunters find 97 of the fugitives that they are looking for; a much higher percentage than typical law enforcement.

How bounty hunters work is that they will first stake out their target to understand their daily routines. Next, they will interview their friends and family. If needed to, they will search their house. They do not require any search warrant as bond clients will typically allow bounty hunters to search the criminal’s house. Bounty hunters also have the authority to make an arrest on those that they are searching for. Below are some of the well-known bounty hunters.

Domino Harvey

Domino is a female bounty hunter that came from a pretty well-to-do family. She chose to go on the path of a bounty hunter due to the thrilling nature of it. She was regarded as a “tomboy”  to  many  and  was  extremely  interested  in  martial  arts and action figures. Her favourite method to catch fugitives is to act as a lost tourist, so that she will be preyed upon.

Ralph “Papa” Thornson

Rumors have said that Ralph Thornson has apprehended over 12,000 fugitives. His favourite method is to use bean bags filled with non-lethal buckshot. He will occasionally construct astrological charts to track down criminals.

A film that revolves around Ralph “Papa” Thornson’s life was subsequently made and released in 1980. It is titled “The Hunter”.

Peter G. Uliano

With more than 12 years of experience as a bounty hunter, Peter has a knack for catching fugitives. According to his years of experience, he has said that the criminals tend to be at locations that can be easily found – i.e. their own home, or their girlfriend’s place. Despite his parents’ concern for his safety, Peter went ahead with his decision and managed to capture over hundreds of fugitives. It was rumored that he also had criminal informants which led to is high percentage of captures.

John of the Priests

John was faced with two choices – to be hanged or to be a Priest Hunter, when he was arrested as a horse thief. He chose the latter. His favourite method to catch a fugitive is to feign deathbed confession and then pull out a weapon hidden behind his back.

Thomas Tate Tobin

Tobin likes to work independently, and it has been successful thus far. On one assignment, he was given 15 men to assist him, but he went solo and came back with the heads of the fugitives. His reply to how the trip was: “so-so”. Being such an independent bounty hunter has left an impression on many back in those days.

Dog the bounty Hunter

Added because of TV fame and well known figure.

By: Catherine O’Connor Knox

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