Top Tips To Provide The Best First Impression Ever In Australia

Top Tips To Provide The Best First Impression Ever In Australia

It doesn’t matter if it is in a business capacity or in a social setting because we always want to provide the best first impression to new people every single time. Studies tell us that people make assumptions about us within the first 10 to 15 seconds of meeting us and so this provides you with a very short window to let them know that you are the type of person that they want to get to know better or to do business with. It is an unfortunate consequence of living in the society that we do but appearance is everything nowadays and so you have to pull out all of the stops to look your best every single day.

This includes wearing your best jewellery like your favourite bracelets and other pieces so that you look the part when you meet new people for the very first time. People will form an impression of you by the jewellery that you wear and so it is important that you choose wisely. Their first impression will dictate your future relationship with them and many people fall at this hurdle every single time. If this describes you then maybe you need to learn of the top tips that will help you to provide the best first impression always.

  • Always be on time – It doesn’t matter if you are having a social date or you are meeting the client for the very first time because you need to turn up when you say that you will because we don’t go by martian days here on earth. You may have the best excuse but your new client or new friend will not be impressed with the reason that you give. Always set out earlier than you need to so that if you run into any traffic issues or you take the wrong road then you will still arrive on time and provide the best first impression.
  • Take care of your physical appearance – People make judgment calls almost immediately and so you need to wear your best clothes and you certainly need to make sure that you’re wearing your best jewellery. Nobody is saying that you have to look like a movie star and don’t overdo it for the number of items of jewellery that you want to wear.
  • Show them that winning smile – People instinctively like people who smile a lot and even though you might not have anything to smile about on that particular day, you need to show them your pearly whites every single time. It helps to create an excellent first impression and it shows that you are a warm and confident individual. Your smile will help to put other people at ease and that is conducive to better business and better personal relationships.

The important thing is to always be yourself and to wear jewellery that reflects the type of person that you are and your personality. Try to be open with people and make sure that you have a positive attitude.

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