Toronto’s own new beauty care products, Coca Bee making its mark in Fashion Week

Toronto’s own new beauty care products, Coca Bee making its mark in Fashion Week

“Being a woman entrepreneur in today’s society especially this year 2021 is very important. We need to account for improved economic growth and stability within our own country. As a women entrepreneur, I too want to help and inspire other women to start businesses. Women entrepreneurs are expanding and leading to more job creations which ultimately helps in reducing the gender gap in the workplace that we are at today.” Says Amanda Lavery, CEO of CocaBee.

CocaBee is inspired 100% by nature, sound, smell, and beauty. “We want the best for our customers, keep them safe, healthy, and happy. We are aware of the ever-changing environment and the world we are all living in right now due to the COVID-19. By keeping to our due diligence and policing on certificates and research on ingredients and packaging that CoCaBee provides to customers, our mission is to make sure all ingredients are natural, chemical-free, and cruelty-free. CocaBee has taken the next step to ensure our products are all-natural. Humanity is changing and so it’s important to grow, learn, protect and make a product that people will feel safe buying” says Amanda Lavery, Ceo CoCaBee.

CoCaBee is a Canadian company from Ottawa, created by CEO Amanda Lavery, frustrated that she couldn’t find an all-natural, cruelty-free, organic lip balm, she created her own. “To put it mildly, it’s a little scary to find out what we are really taking in.” Through lots of trials and testing, Lavery developed a lip balm recipe that was 100% organic made from raw, natural ingredients, like coconut oil. The product she developed actually worked better than the non-organic lip balms she used to use. Hers were smoother, more flavorful, and lasted longer than anything she had previously tried. Friends and family loved it. “From there, the idea of getting this wonderful, safe, 100% organic creation out there,” explains Lavery. And that was when CoCaBee was born.

“We wanted CoCaBee to be paraben-free and 100% natural, with no harsh chemicals, and preservatives. We created a luxurious lip balm using the natural basics of coconut oil, honey, and beeswax to create a smooth lasting lip balm, in delicious natural flavors like peppermint, lime, coconut, and eucalyptus. Sourcing our ingredients through accredited and certified suppliers is key to making sure it is safe and tested. Our containers are made from natural and renewable bamboo. Eco-friendly packaging is key and we want to eliminate as much plastic as we can to help our earth. Every CoCaBee product is handmade in Canada using natural ingredients, making them the perfect eco-friendly addition to your beauty routine.

Coca Bee recently participated in ‘Start-up Fashion Week’ during Toronto FW, the lip balms were a hit! The event took place on July 14th, 2021.

To know more about upcoming events and To purchase CoCaBee products, visit http://www.CoCaBee.com https://www.instagram.com/cocabeeinc/

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