Towering above all around the music space, showcasing his phenomenal talent, is John Hill.

Towering above all around the music space, showcasing his phenomenal talent, is John Hill.

With many plum music projects under his belt, he is bound to conquer the world of rhythms and melodies like no one else.

John Hill more popularly known as Teamjohnhill has been in the news of late owing to his immense contribution towards the music world which has been noticed by audiences worldwide. This phenomenally talented artist started his career as an opera singer whose work got noticed, and soon he was one amongst the background singers working for four-time Grammy Award-winning music sensation R. Kelly. Steadily he kept reinventing himself expanding his profile, even writing and producing for numerous talented artists like Juelz Santana, Dipset, Waka Flocka, Really Doe, and a few more.

John has come a long way since his opera days and presently has his hands full of work. Recently he was designated as the vice president of TDP/Rap-A-Lot Midwest, where he will team up with CEO Eric Chapman and President Damone Emery in spearheading a division of the massive independent record label, Rap-A-Lot Records, which was founded by business mogul J.Prince. Apart from handling his busy schedule, John is also involved with the growing success of Herstory, a girl group led by Arielle K, Mandy and Dhniera Blue, which has been doing extremely well across the music sphere of late.

Acting as the executive producer of Herstory, John Hill is pushing the trio into the limelight by showcasing their work where it matters most. He has even hosted an MTV music video release party for the rising band and introduced the members to the who’s who of the music industry to boost their future prospects. Armed with in-depth knowledge of the music industry, he has been encouraging numerous talents, encouraging them to give their best. He says that the music industry is vast and there is untapped potential waiting to be discovered, and he’s working nonchalantly to get the best for the music world through his endeavours. John is trying to expand his reach by constantly working on areas other than music, which involves social giving and entrepreneurship too. He says that he is always ready to test his potential by entering into unknown territories and emerge as a winner in everything he sets his eyes on.

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