Wellbeing and health brand opens new PH office

Wellbeing and health brand opens new PH office

Global wellbeing and health organization, Yoli, makes the ways for its new Philippines Office and Experience Center at the Greenfield District in Mandaluyong.

Yoli has been engaged and undaunted in developing its local member and subscriber base since its appearance in the Philippines back in 2018.

“This new space is not only a store, but a space that would bring Yoli closer to Filipinos. In the US, we have tremendous support from Filipino members who have been successfully transformed by Yoli and were instrumental on why we now have Yoli in the Philippines. That is why more than anything, this new office is also our way of showing our commitment to grow this market,” said Robby Fender, Yoli founder and chief executive officer.

Changing its PH office into an Experience Center permits more Filipinos to participate in their own wellbeing process – whether to come see and taste Yoli’s astounding items, select new individuals or go to stages of trainings and events.

Joining Fender in introducing the new Yoli Philippines Office and Experience Center are Co-Founder Kimi Fender, Chief Operating Officer Kirby Zenger and Yoli Philippines Country General Manager Boots Remotigue.

As a feature of the festivities, Zenger declared that two new Yoli products are showing up in the Philippines soon – its Truth Pomegranate wellbeing drink which supports immune function and healthy antioxidant levels as well as its in-demand Collagen supplement.

The Yoli leaders were likewise ready to meet and perceive their top performing members in the country during the program.

Yoli has been doing business for over 12 years. Most popular for its Better Body System, the US-based wellbeing and health organization was established in 2009 after its co-founders found that many enhancements accessible in the market used processes that obliterated a large number of the supplements in the ingredients. Using entire plants, proteins and minerals, the naturally sourced ingredients go through a freeze-drying process before transformed into powders.

Yoli offers a holistic way to deal with wellbeing through its flagship product, Transformation Kit (T-Kit), which highlights five of Yoli’s best products (YES Shake, Alkalete, Pure, Passion/Thermo Burn and Resolve).

The T-Kit gives a simple to-follow step by step program and everything that is needed to lose weight, build lean muscle, tone and shape the body, have more energy over the course of the day and enhance one’s overall health.

Other Yoli kits are likewise accessible that focus on further developing energy, upgrading the mood and keeping up with young skin.

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