Trap Sensational Bagzamilleon Inspirational Music Journey

Trap Sensational Bagzamilleon Inspirational Music Journey

2020 is a great year for trap sensation Bagzamilleon as he continues to release hits after hits. He is cementing his mark in the music industry with popular smash songs; Luigi, Stay Down, Walking TrapHouse, Me and the Plug, Going to Get it, Just but to mention a few.

It’s been a long time coming for Bagzamilleon, and he credits his involvement in music to renowned record executive and co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records, Damon Dash. Despite having a rough past, he was able to make a breakthrough in music, thanks to his relationship with Dame Dash. The two met a few years ago, through his friend Big Boostie, who is also a rap artist. The close relationship with Dame was more fruitful as it gave Bagzamilleon a chance to connect with his team and members of his inner circle.

Dame Dash first introduced Bagzamilleon into the music industry as a Social Media Consultant. Thanks to his great music, he was able to catch the producer’s attention. More doors opened for him in 2016 when Dash gave him a chance in his mixtape named, Loisadas 2 which featured the Money League Boys, Big Bootsie, Dame Dash, and Kanye West team back up. Bagz did two songs, Walking Traphouse and 50’s Of The Work.

Two years later, he was lucky again to be placed in Dame Dash’s 2018 Honor Up (Soundtrack), where he teamed up with Moses x Zeikdageq in the rap song Money My Lingo. Dash also placed him in his other successful mixtape, Culture Vulture, where Bagz presented the song Running Through.

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