Tuned In Tokyo – How did it all begin?

Tuned In Tokyo – How did it all begin?

As little kids, the co-founders shared a common passion and obsession with cars – apparel, Their humble low-income backgrounds, however, never made it possible for them to do something about their passion. But deep passion finds its way, and that is how one beautiful day they decided to start with being creative. As enthusiastic young entrepreneurs, they had always strived to be trendsetters. And that led them to start a successful company that revolves around what they love doing.

How much potential market share can you achieve in the next 3 years?

Tuned has great potential, we’re not only sticking to apparel and accessories we are also going to be releasing other things that our community will greatly appreciate in 2021 maybe host another massive event who knows. Our fans love everything that we create and giving them more options has significantly grown our following.

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