Umbrella Labs SARMs Review: Are They Still Legit?

Umbrella Labs SARMs Review: Are They Still Legit?

Umbrella Labs are one of the more popular USA-based sellers of SARMs. They’ve been around for quite a while, and have a good reputation.


But there seems to be some confusion and increasing bad feedback around Umbrella Labs, so what’s the deal?


What I’m going to do quickly in this Umbrella Labs review is answer the key question you really need to know: are Umbrella Labs still legit?


Who Are Umbrella Labs?


Umbrella Labs have sold a wide range of SARMs, both oral and injectable, for several years now.


Feedback about Umbrella Labs on sites like Reddit and bodybuilding forums has always been good, and it’s one of the main reasons I started buying from them as well. But recently that feedback has got very negative I’ve noticed.


Up until recently, my own experiences have always been good. I’ve used them on quite a few occasions to buy or liquid SARMs to stack, including LGD-4033 and YK-11, and then later the same in capsules when they stopped selling SARMs liquid.


But recently I’ve noticed less positive feedback about the company, and the last batch of SARMs I got from them didn’t quite seem to have the same level of effect on me. It has made me suspicious.


Umbrella Labs – SARMs For Sale


The reason I’ve become a bit confused and suspicious about Umbrella Labs is the fact that there are three different domains for the company:


  • – which no longer resolves to the company website
  • is – which appears to now be the new company sales site
  • us – is the old version of the company website


it may not be a problem for you, but for me it’s a sign that something is shifting with this company, and it just lowers trust a bit.


If I was starting to buy SARMs, I wouldn’t buy them from this company because of the strange website problems. Then we have to think about the quality problems.


How Is The SARMs Quality?


The trust in any company has to be the quality of the SARMs they send you. My last order arrived a few weeks ago completely fine, although delivery took nearly 2 weeks which is unusual and makes me wonder if they have problems with supply (which could mean problems with quality as well).


I used it for a cycle (stack of Ostarine and Cardarine for cutting) and things just weren’t like they used to be using the same SARMs from Umbrella labs. They didn’t feel as powerful or as instant, I just wasn’t convinced by the quality, and it’s something I’ve seen on sites like Reddit. I just can’t recommend them the same as I can places like now.


Just under a year ago the company website changed and they stopped selling liquid SARMs completely, only listing injectable liquid SARMs and oral SARMs powder capsules for sale.


Very recently though, the injectable liquid SARMs and SARMs capsules have all vanished, and have now been replaced with just the original SARMs liquids on the new website.


It’s all really confusing, and I think that’s why a lot of people are starting to wonder what’s going on with Umbrella Labs, and in a world where you putting unlicensed chemicals in your body, trust matters.


Are Umbrella Labs Legit?


But the million dollar question has to be: are Umbrella Labs legit?


You can still order stuff fine, it arrives, which is all good. But the quality just doesn’t feel right to me. The combination of the web domain problem, the removal of the different formats of SARMs and now the replacing of them, the time it takes to get the stuff to your door, and the fact it just doesn’t feel so potent, is all starting to feel wrong for me.


So the conclusion of his Umbrella Labs review is that they were definitely legit. But they are also definitely now a “use with caution” company as far as I’m concerned. There are much better SARMs companies out there.





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