Use These Tips To Motivate Your Staff

1. Practice Transparency

Your employees will be more invested in your operation if they know how the business is going. As such, you should make a point of regularly sharing this information with them. Full of business insights, and an easy to use Dashboard feature, Square makes this straightforward.

You can share figures on new versus retained customers, as well as monthly, weekly and even daily sales reports. You can use this information to show areas where improvement is needed, and also make your members of staff feel like they are part of the business.  

2. Provide A Flexible Timetable

The way we work and how businesses operate overall, has changed a lot thanks to technology. Working from home has now become something normal, over the past year. To ensure that your business continues recruiting competitively, it is important to meet this requirement, especially considering the fact that close to 4 million workers in the UK enjoyed flexible working hours in 2021.  

You should strive to provide your staff with flexible scheduling options, be it flexi time or a work from home program, if you want to attract and retain the best workers.

3. Provide Food In The Office

Food has an essential role to play when it comes to retaining your employees. Simply put, people work better when they are not hungry. You can enhance the productivity of your employees by providing them with a mid-morning or late afternoon snack – which can boost their energy and improve their mood. You can boost employee happiness by up to 11 percent by providing free food in the workplace, according to research findings.    

Food is definitely an important element of many office cultures considering that 60 percent of workers rank snacks and meals among their top 3 workplace perks. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it; you get the impression that your employer cares about you as a person – and not just what you offer the business – when they actually pay attention to your physical needs.

4. Give Employees Credit For Their Achievements

In some cases, all that people want for a job well done is recognition! Do not hesitate to praise any member of staff that goes out of their way to help one of their colleagues, or puts in a lot of time and effort into a project. It’s about the principle, not just the act of recognition. People feel obliged to continue putting in more effort, if they feel that their efforts are valued.

On top of having 31 percent lower staff turnover, businesses with recognition and reward programs have 14 percent better staff engagement, customer service and productivity. It is essential that you express your gratitude to hardworking members of staff, whether it is thanking them privately, recognizing them in staff emails, or mentioning their contribution in staff meetings.  

It is highly beneficial to have great workers that have been at your business for a lengthy period. One of the most important parts of your organization’s success, especially during rough periods, involves keeping employees motivated. In addition to making the operation of your entity a lot more exciting, long-time staff members have in depth knowledge of how things work.   

5. Find Out What They Value

Sit down and find out what your employees want, instead of simply guessing how to motivate them. Do your best to find out what your potential employees value in a private equity executive search. One of the best things you can do for your staff, and company at large, involves doing the unexpected.

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