VickKnewZeus to reveal the title of Project Bruja and Orange winter 2022? Rumors of working with Kehlani? Gerald Lee? And more

With Project Orange on the way, what can you tell us about this story? There are rumors that you had a meeting with a famous, talented singer. Sources believe it was Kehlani or Megan The Stallion? What can you tell us, and how does it correlate to Project Orange?

( Laughs) I cannot say anything yet. Rumors are rumors for a very good reason. But nothing is truly confirmed. But I did have a conversation with someone who is famous, and she is a very talented woman who we wanted to include an EP to Project Orange. But I ask everyone to remain patient until later this year for news information.

What inspired you to write Project Orange? From what we heard, the script is quite something and has a very electric story to keep our eyes on.

My idea came from a sad time in my life. I was working with Gerald Lee when we got news of a famous rapper named King Von dying. It was quite sad, and I could imagine how his loved ones must have felt, seeing as I, too, lost someone special at the time. So I wrote from a dark and sad place with Project Orange because of that. I sent to script to Gerald Lee, and he liked it. From there, we developed more of the story to the point we were proud of what we done. I trust Geralds sense of direction, and if he’s happy, then I’m happy too.

Where does the movie take place?

I cannot really say, but I will reveal more later this year.

Now, what about Project Bruja? When can we get the name reveal for the actual title of this manga/ anime?

Gerald and I are thinking of revealing everything later this year. Hopefully ( laughs), I truly want everyone to see and read everything we have in store but everything always takes time.

With all the work you are doing. Is there anyone you want to work with?

Famous people? Well, I have a few, but I rather not say. But friends-wise, I would say Tysheena, Ashley Lewis Grey, and Ernst. Oh! and Gardy! ( laughs) I feel like doing things with friends could be fun. Idk we will have to see. We are too busy, but once we make time, it will be something.

What is your favorite Tik-Tok video you worked on?

I believe Kiki and I did a video with our friend Fenella Samson and I was just laughing because it came out funny. I wasn’t sure it would of been great, but many people messaged us they loved our video and Fenella’s Misty cosplay.

Well, is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?

Please wait for Project Bruja and Project Orange to be revealed late this year. Thank you for the support, and will continue to please everyone in the long run.

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