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VIN Number Decoders and what are they about

VIN Number Decoders and what are they about

VIN stands for a Vehicle identification number, which is given to every vehicle to share essential and vital information with the customer who owns that particular car. It is assigned to the automobiles when they are manufactured as it can reveal aspects like the manufacturing date, airbag type, origin of the vehicle, model year, size of the engine, plant name, etc. VINs have 17 digits. Each digit has its meaning that can only be understood by someone who can decode the VIN of vehicles or automobiles.

To decode the VIN of your car, one needs to have adequate knowledge and information regarding it. Some of the aspects all of the people who own a vehicle, should be aware of are as follows:

  1. The first step is to find the VIN mentioned in your car is to locate it accurately. It can either be near the engine at the front side, or it can be somewhere near the driver’s side door or the driver’s side interior dash. Remember the thing you are looking for is a string of 17 numbers, and all of them are written together in just one single go.
  2. The second place where one can find the VIN is the registration papers of your vehicle. A vehicle cannot be sold and should not be purchased without having a look at the vehicle identification number. Stolen cars often have forged VINs.
  3. The next step is to have an idea of what each number means. As without knowing the accurate meaning behind it, one cannot see the information that is already shared by the manufacturer. It can include the following digits or letters that can share useful information.
    • If letters are mentioned between A-H, than this means that the manufacturer is located within Africa. Whereas any message between J-R but except O and Q implies that it is situated in parts of Asia. However, S-Z means that the vehicle was manufactured in Europe.
    • 1-5 stands for North America
    • 6 or 7 positions either for New Zealand or for Australia
    • 8 or 9 refer to the places that exist within South America.

Furthermore, the second and fourth digit in the VIN can also tell you about the brand name under which the model of the car was manufactured. For instance, if “1”, is mentioned in the VIN, then it refers to the brand name of Chevrolet.

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