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Suspicions Looming: Kylie Jenner’s Rumoured Plastic Surgery

Suspicions Looming: Kylie Jenner’s Rumoured Plastic Surgery

Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the KUWTK sisters, is being accused by fans of going under the knife. Again. This time? For a boob job.

The 22 year old star and mother has drawn considerable attention to herself – and her breasts –  on Instagram. And after seeing Kylie’s most recent revealing photos, fans are convinced she has had a boob job some time between 2009 and 2019.

In the past, Kylie has opened up about her lip fillers. However, it did take some time before she came clean. But now that the cat’s out of the bag, would she really keep any new procedures a secret?

Kylie has a growing following of over 141 million followers on Instagram. Many of whom are young, impressionable teenage girls. Her controversial ‘lipgate’ in the past even put many young girls in the emergency room. Will this new scandal drive them to seek a permanent solution from the best plastic surgeon in Louisville? 

The Rumours

In the past, Kylie has always denied any accusations of having her boobs done. Even back in 2017, a source close to the Kardashians told Hollywood Life, “Kylie swears blind that she hasn’t had a boob job. She insists that her boobs look bigger because of weight gain and wearing a push up bra”. 

Considering she just gave birth to daughter, Stormi Webster, less than two years ago, weight gain is a reasonable excuse. 

However, the professionals aren’t buying it. 

A plastic surgeon revealed in an interview with Life and Style Mag that weight gain isn’t a likely culprit. Upon looking a one of her latest photos, a surgeon said, “while weight gain can increase breast size, it is the firmness and the position of her breasts that lead me to believe she has had surgical enhancement.”

He goes on to discuss photos where she doesn’t appear to have a bra. He explained that her breasts “stand up on their own which is normally not possible with breasts of this size without implants”.

All for attention? 

Kylie isn’t afraid to share with the public intimate details about her body. However she likes to do it on her own terms. 

Back in July of 2018, Kylie revealed more about her personal struggles with her changing body after her pregnancy. In a YouTube video, she confessed, “My boobs are definitely three times the size which bothers me, I have stretch marks on my boobs, my stomach isn’t the same, my waist isn’t the same, my butt’s bigger, my thighs are bigger”. 

However, critics of the star are skeptical about her motivations. 

One source close to the family said, “If she did have implants, I don’t think Kylie will ever admit to it though, because that’s just the way she is. She loves all the speculation, because it keeps her in the news, and Kylie loves to be the centre of attention.”

Creating a buzz for services from the best plastic surgeon in Louisville

Even if likes the extra attention, Kylie should be honest with her fans before they run to the best plastic surgeon in Louisville for a boob job. Many teenage girls look up to Kylie as a role model. They not only want to wear her makeup, they want their bodies to look like hers as well. There is no shame in getting plastic surgery. But there is shame in lying about it to create a publicity stunt. 

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