What is BADGE, and why do you want it?

What is BADGE, and why do you want it?

The previous decades have witnessed exponential growth in the marketplace, with the Internet, Digital Media, and service sector leading the parade. While their success can be attributed to several factors, it is a fact that the initial inputs came from a few minds daring to change and influence the world for the better. 

The Badge Foundation is a community with a similar vision and offers top-notch services. It was founded in the heart of Silicon Valley.

It’s a membership network that brings together blue badge creators and investors from all over the world. The platform is like an exclusive salon, open to blue-badge verified influencers from various social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, etc.

The Badge Foundation announced its cooperation with the DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) by launching the official service of the BADGE. 

Why BADGE, and what are the perks?

Networking and marketing are essential for influencers and investors alike. While many verified blue-badge holders are on SNS (social networking service) sites, they do not have an exclusive place to meet and converse with fellow verified accounts. 

This limits their growth visibility and becomes a hurdle to seeking budding creators.

BADGE solves all these problems by providing an exclusive platform where influencers, creators, and investors from any part of the world can enjoy space on their own and connect without issues.

BADGE is supported by Cryptonite, its parent company. Cryptonite is a private, invitation-only global network of entrepreneurs, investors, and influencers at the forefront of the blockchain, artificial intelligence, and sustainability revolutions.

Cryptonite is famous for its group of highly efficient, knowledgeable, and experienced members in the form of angel investors, entrepreneurs, and more. 

Cryptonite Services exclusive to BADGE members.

Being an invitation-only platform, the quality of members, user experience, and learning outcome would be helpful.

An added benefit to BADGE members would be getting a Cryptonite badge with a logo comparable to the blue badge verification that serves as a form of certification proving that the account is legitimate.

The Cryptonite’s ‘badge’ functions as a symbol of recognition in and of itself, enhancing the credibility of the influencers. Various other Cryotonite services will be provided for free to the influencers. These include exposure to 5-star sponsors from all over the world, including Dubai, Singapore, and the United States.

Apart from the listed perks, users will be rewarded based on their influencer performance and will be entitled to get VIP treatment based on the number of their Badge Tokens.

 Project Badge in talks with Elon Musk.

Timothy Cook Draper has already discussed the BADGE concept with Elon Reeve Musk, and Musk may already be participating.

The Badge project will be offered on most exchanges throughout the world.

It’s the only altcoin with a 10,000-fold likelihood. (Any cryptocurrency that isn’t Bitcoin is referred to as an “altcoin.”)

Pome is the name of Badge’s support coin.

The name derives from the dog’s name, Pomeranian, and it’s clear that Shiba, which is known for its dog coins, is also involved in the development of BADGE.

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