Amaka’s single Love U Hits Radio Airwaves

Amaka’s single Love U Hits Radio Airwaves

Amaka The Igbo Princess has new songs now on the radio. After just a few weeks of releasing her new singles, “Love U”, “One Time”, and “Remember”, one of St. Louis’s most popular radio stations The Mixx Streetz 105.1, spinned her songs for the first time on the air last Thursday.

Host Kizzy of The Mixx Streetz 105.1, stated “These songs are hot!” and declared they would stay in the St. Louis rotation.

We asked Amaka how it felt to hear her songs on the radio for the first time “It was so exciting!” Exclaimed the songstress, “I danced and sang the whole time. Was slightly surreal but I know it’s where I’m supposed to be.”

The radio station also had a live, unfiltered interview with Amaka. Amaka used words “Yashayin’” and “Shedanzas” that sparked attention as they appear completely made up. Amaka says “Shedanzas means wow. But a big wow, an out of this world wow. Shedanzas more so means daayyyummm.”

“Yashayin’, means do you understand, or I know you feel me on this” explains Amaka.

The star has her own lingo that’s expressed very flamboyantly. During the interview with The Mixx Streetz radio station, Amaka laughed a lot and exuded a warm, bubbly personality.

When asked how she came up with the lyrics for her hit single Love U, Amaka stated “I was arguing with this guy and I realized, I just want to love you. I don’t like fighting I just want to love on you.”

The lyrics for One Time came about very differently “I’m a singer not so much a rapper. People like the way I rap so I was like ok, I’m a do this for you One Time, One Time that’s it, and the lyrics for the song was born”.

Host Kizzy asked Amaka if she had a message for women “Women are beautiful” Amaka says “I think every woman should wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and say I’m beautiful”.

You can watch the entire interview with Amaka and The Mixx Streetz 105.1 radio station on YouTube

The full interview can also be found on instagram

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