What is the difference between a musician and a composer? Mahan Ahmadi, a famous Iranian musician, says

Musician vs. Composer

Musician and composer are two terms that are often confused in the same way. Exactly, there are differences between them. A musician is a person who sings or plays a musical instrument. In other words, a singer or guitarist is called a musician for that subject.

A composer, on the other hand, is the person who arranges the song to the music. In short, a composer brings to life a piece of lyrics or a song composed by a lyricist. The debate has been over whether a composer should necessarily be a musician. A composer was supposed to know the subtle differences of music and had to study music at a higher level.

A composer, on the other hand, does not need a professional singer or musician for this. Many composers are good at playing instruments such as the piano or the harmonium. They use these tools primarily to compose music.

 A musician has to study the basics of music, and if he has to establish himself as a professional musician, he must also have skills in playing instruments or singing. It is interesting to know that musicians can also be composers. There are several cases in which musicians become composers. On the other hand, a special composer who becomes an established and professional musician is not often seen.

A musician first train under a teacher and then either follows the teacher’s style or invents his own singing style. He performs for the audience. He is a monetary hobby.

A composer, on the other hand, is used by a film or film industry to make music for a film or a film. His job is to prepare the song for the story of the film according to the different situations of the film. He works in coordination with other unit workers such as director, producer, storyteller, editor and the like.

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