What is the Goal of Content Houses Such as Top Talent House Ran By Nour Khodr?

What is the Goal of Content Houses Such as Top Talent House Ran By Nour Khodr?

Nour Khodr like many others has started a content house for influencers on TikTok. Nour has always wanted to help others achieve their goals. Because of these aspirations of his, Nour set out to create his own talent agency in May 2020 called Top Talent

Nour started working with some friends he had made on social media but as his company grew exponentially throughout 2020, Nour decided to take the next step and make a creator house. Nour invited four big influencers on TikTok out to Los Angeles and founded the Top Talent House. 

What is the goal of these creator houses like the one Nour created in August? Nour and Top Talent’s goal is to create a community for creators to come together to help each other move forward in their careers and grow their following on TikTok. Nour hopes that the house he has created can help his influencers like the Hype House and Sway House have propelled their members into not only TikTok fame but fame on many other social media platforms. 

The Top Talent house has had drama recently as one of the original members Rachel Brockman left the house leaving a bad impression of Nour and the environment in the Top Talent House. In response to this the other members of the house and Top Talent staff have come to Nour’s side to protect the excellent environment and community he has built with Top Talent and the Top Talent House. 

Nour hoped to and has successfully created a platform for his creators to extend their influence and following and under his and Top Talent’s guidance their social media influencers are in good hands going forward.

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