Meet Adeel Chawdhry a self made entrepreneur inspiring youths in affiliate marketing industry

Meet Adeel Chawdhry a self made entrepreneur inspiring youths in affiliate marketing industry

After dropping out of his university and working at Mcdonalds for a while, Adeel Chowdhry decided to use his competitive nature to completely turn his life around and become the software technology genius that we know him as today. Adeel was born on January 1st, 1982 in the United Kingdom, London. For over 15 years he has been dominating the internet marketing scene and has been one of the most consistently recognized names in the industry as both a vendor and super affiliate. Transitioning from working at Mcdonalds to generating millions of dollars in revenue is no easy feat and took a lot of hard work and creativity. He was able to create one of the most incredible multi-million dollar launches that the world has ever seen and most definitely knows how to generate publicity. 

He has managed to land over 25 products on the #1 bestselling products list across a number of platforms like Clickbank, JVZoo, Digital River, and countless others. Through these products, Adeel has been able to generate over $16,500,000 in revenue. His most recent hit was Sqribble, a product recognized and enjoyed worldwide. Thanks to Adeel’s skills, genius funnels, and one of a kind marketing style, the sales for Sqribble reached over $1.5 million to date. Adeel always does things on a large scale and always stands out from everyone else. He continues to use his passion as a driving force to continue creating amazing and unique products. 

One of the biggest factors that Adeel prides himself on is the fact that he had no prior knowledge in this industry but still decided to dive in headfirst and was able to succeed against all odds. Despite all of this, Adeel has still been able to become ClickBank’s platinum vendor since 2009 and has learned how to launch any digital product from zero to a million dollars without any funding whatsoever. He has been able to generate hundreds of thousands of followers across his social media accounts and has even created a digital course that has generated $10,000,000 in sales. 

This is a lot for a well-experienced person to accomplish but the fact that Adeel was able to rise against all odds and dominate his industry, it is even more astonishing. He took the skills and intuition that he had and has made many millions off of it. Now that he has the adequate 15-year experience he has taken to coaching and mentoring so that anyone can learn his methods and turn their life around the same way that he did.

Saurabh Singla

Saurabh Singla, Founder of CaphIQ, is an Indian Entrepreneur, Active Author, Marketing, and Fundraising Consultant. His breakthrough is primarily from generating millions of digital impressions for Entertainment, Blockchain Industry, and various Startups.

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