What qualities a good manager should have? According to Ghafoor Ghatali, the famous Iranian entrepreneur

What qualities a good manager should have? According to Ghafoor Ghatali, the famous Iranian entrepreneur

good managers are occupationally relaxed:

A good manager must have occupational relaxation in the first place and that is one of the most significant factors for them to understand their employees’ expectations and calmly keep pace with their employees.

great managers are good coaches:

Instead of solving the problems or abandoning their workers unguided, a god boss or manager sees any obstacle as an experience and learns the lesson. 

A good manager strengthens their team and they don’t micromanage it:

Anyone wants to make the best decision with power and self-confidence; a good boss lets the employers be free and support them so that they can experience everything and take risks.

They create a confidential workplace and encourage workers to speak to their colleagues. When their peers start doing the same, they should be supported to have constructive criticism and inside the team, no one should be embarrassed about their ideas or afraid of taking risks.

good managers are productive and result-oriented:

Employers tend to show that they can perform any task, they know how to motivate their team for being highly productive.

Good managers are good linkers:

People who properly listen to others and effectively transfer information are the best managers. When their team is doing well, they are grateful, however, they don’t avoid negative feedback.

Good managers have clear prospects and strategies for their team:

They know where their team and company are directed to and ensure that everybody is taking the same path; they also present specific goals to their destination and have realistic expectations.

Good managers are strong decision-makers:

The fact is that employers must make difficult decisions. Sometimes, various potential decisions rise and it’s the responsibility of the manager to decide on the final order. Strong decision maker means that they know what is beneficial for the company and ensure that everybody knows the reasons behind those decisions.

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