WhatsApp Introduces Video Playback Enhancement And New Alternate Profile Picture Feature

WhatsApp Introduces Video Playback Enhancement And New Alternate Profile Picture Feature

WhatsApp has begun carrying out a skirt forward and in reverse component for recordings in the beta rendition of its versatile application for Android cell phones.

WABetaInfo reports the new video playback include is accessible to a few beta analyzers running WhatsApp for Android Beta and

The component permits clients to rapidly skirt 10 seconds forward or in reverse while watching a video inside the WhatsApp application.

To skirt forward, clients should twofold tap on the right half of the video. To skip in reverse, they should twofold tap on the left side.

This like is accessible on famous video web based applications like Netflix or Disney+.

In the ongoing authority arrival of WhatsApp, it is simply conceivable to hop between various pieces of the video by delaying the advancement bar at the base.

The screen capture underneath from WABetaInfo shows what the skip-forward/skip-in reverse component seems as though in recordings watched in WhatsApp.

WABetaInfo as of late likewise revealed about a security upgrading update presently a work in progress for WhatsApp profile pictures.

The other profile element will permit clients to pick a subsequent profile picture that can be displayed to contacts they don’t really want to see their essential picture.

WhatsApp right now just permits clients to set who can see their profile picture.

They can pick between everybody on WhatsApp, no one, just their contacts, or select to reject explicit contacts from having the option to see it.

The way things are, clients who are not permitted to see somebody’s image will be given a featureless plan — like the image one would track down on a male public restroom entryway.

This makes it clear to the clients that the individual doesn’t believe they should see their image.

By adding a substitute choice — which may be a less private picture — an individual may in all likelihood never realize that somebody has hindered them from seeing their essential picture.

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