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When Architecture Becomes an Art, You Recreate The Old World

When Architecture Becomes an Art, You Recreate The Old World

The old-world style architecture may seem like a dramatic combination of craftsmanship. The old buildings mostly use durable materials like stones, metal and large pieces of lumber. Based on the prominent architecture styles before the European discovery of North America, these old buildings include everything from Greek concepts to what you might find in a European Castle. 

But when these old-world style architectures are mixed with modern-world designs, we can see what art designing can truly be. Of course, it requires quality craftsmen to redefine existing structures or even better, building a similar old designed structure. Only an experienced, talented and a wide range of quality craftsmen can add small elegant touches to your buildings. They can bring the designs to a par with the Old-World Elegance or Recreation of the Old-World Elegance.   

Companies Redefining Old-World Structure for a Better World

The designs of museums, buildings, train stations, airports and homes cannot always be revolutionary. Much of the architecture consists of banal platitudes and it is often built as a necessity for the city to grow. It is quite rare for any building to universally turn the heads – it sets a new direction in the process.

For example, the Foster and Partners’ Apple Park is a solar panel that has a clad rooftop to maintain the interior temperature between 68 to 77 Fahrenheit. The building’s system intakes and releases the natural air from outdoors. This design revolutionized the company’s modern headquarters design. Another great example is that of CopenHill project by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). In 2013, CopenHill redefined the notion of high design eco-friendly architecture. Bjarke Ingels Group is located in Copenhagen. The CopenHill structure burns enough waste to produce clean energy, providing power to sixty thousand homes annually. The company also built a roof having nearly 1500-foot-long ski slope, which is paved with paths designated explicitly for the experts, intermediates or even beginners.  

Bjarke Ingels Group’s architecture design proves that great structure is always at a point of departure. The company, on one end, is building a structure using the past for inspiration. But, on the other end, it’s simultaneously looking forward to consistently better its role and gives back to the world. 

Architects Taking Customers on a Journey to Future

Architects are building revolutionary works for their customers, taking them to a journey near the future, by way of past. Recreating a building’s structure requires an expert architect specializing in designing concepts. A qualified individual is always willing to take on your projects and give you precisely the kind of designs you had in mind.

There are several architects, who are redefining their customers’ buildings, be it commercial or residential setting an example of art and science. The architect Keith Vigil of GS Exterior Experts is providing several services like window replacement, residential and commercial siding replacement, installing home improvements, roofing and stucco. Since 1999, the company has partnered with big names such as Shea Homes and James Hardie Siding Centre for residential siding and window installations, GAF Certified, Owens Corning, Marvin Windows and Better Business Bureau. Keith is building structures and using products that beautifully incorporates customers with exteriors features. 

Another example is of Red Pencil Architecture, a firm founded in 2012 by Andrew Dratch. It is a residential design firm building exceptional places for its customers. The firm provides innovative solutions for services like 3D rendering, basement remodeling, custom homes, energy-efficient homes, historic building conservation, home additions and extensions, and sustainable design. 

The Role of An Architect

Architecture is both science and art, intertwined with sociology, psychology, politics, economics and more. The design process of any architectural firm must include spending more time getting to understand the client’s mind, the environment, and the community long before the project commences. Any architect builds a successful project when he understands the several feelings that stir up looking at glorious spaces or buildings. For example, the world’s most prominent projects like the Shanghai Tower, designed by Gensler, holds an endless list of records. It is the second tallest building in the world, while the tallest in China. The building contains the world’s tallest observation deck and the second-fastest elevator system. The tower’s asymmetrical form saved up-to $58 million during recreation. Implementing the knowledge and research in the process plays an integral part in the success of a project. 

Technology is just another factor that contributes to practice and impacts of architecture on society or the world at large. The world is digitalized – it has access to a tremendous amount of data and instant communications have changed the profession of architects drastically. Architects are taking on projects around the globe, in different continents and countries, drawing towards itself a global workforce. This has given this profession access to a wide range of design ideas and cultural influences on the projects – for example, BIM modelling and virtual reality, to name a few. The futuristic designs and their impact on society by way of either technology or the usage of materials is essential to understand for improving how humans and the environment interact. 

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