Zeel Thacker’s huge plans to take all things digital. Read what he has to say!

Zeel Thacker’s huge plans to take all things digital. Read what he has to say!

The right content posted on social media catering to the right audience is what defines the strength of any page. In other words, the strength of social media relies heavily on the content. We all have witnessed a wave of change ever since the concept of content creation came into existence. The new-age era of the internet has seen many experts in the field of social media and technology. With diverse knowledge about digital marketing, Zeel Thacker is building his name as one of the promising talents in the social media industry.

The 17-year old guy is based in Gujarat and has a company of his own with a well-coordinated team. With having the strong support of his friends and dear ones, the young guy at a very tender age made his foray into the world of digital media. He has his educational background in mechanical engineering after which he simultaneously started working on digital marketing campaigns. Zeel has till date managed various pages of celebrities and public figures.

Besides this, when it comes to providing social media technical support, Thacker has helped many models and actors across India. Other things he covers in the field of digital media include online advertising through Google AdSense, YouTube marketing and online reputation building. “People see what you show them. Marketing yourself over the web has become very important as it helps in creating the impression of the brand”, said Zeel.

The talented marketer has even led many online campaigns for small-scale brands. In the current phase of lockdown, Zeel Thacker is learning many other social media strategies which can be implemented for the online image building. He further added, “Social media never sleeps. In every nuke and corner of the world, people use the internet. Thus, having a strong online presence and creating extraordinary content with a universal appeal is the key for any brand to sustain today.” Learning things by himself, Zeel hopes to take all things digital in the years to come.

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