When Windows 10 support expires, 240 million PCs might wind up in landfills

When Windows 10 support expires, 240 million PCs might wind up in landfills

When Microsoft stops providing free maintenance for Windows 10 in October 2025, Canalys predicts that 240 million PCs may end up in landfills. Upgrading will probably be less expensive even though Microsoft will continue to offer paid support through October 2028.

In order to provide additional security, Microsoft mandated that machines running earlier versions of Windows must have TPM 2.0. However, as many pre-Windows 11 systems do not, they are unable to upgrade to Windows 11.

Even though they generally function flawlessly, the analysis firm Canalys has projected that up to 240 million PCs will be discarded due to the need for new hardware. Regarding Microsoft’s green credentials, this is not a good revelation.
In order to lessen the garbage problem, there are a few things you may do even if your computer isn’t compatible with TPM 2.0. Changing to Linux Mint, Ubuntu, or another Linux distribution is the first choice.

The majority of PCs run Linux quite well right out of the box, and installing it on your PC just takes a half hour if you write the ISO image to a USB. Currently, the lack of Windows applications for Linux is not too big of a problem because most of our computing is done online.

Take out everything that can be removed from your old computer, including the hard drive and memory (on laptops), if you must use Windows and intend to dispose of it. You can get a new external hard drive by inserting hard drives into external hard drive cases that are sold on websites like Amazon. Additionally, RAM can be used to expand the memory of other devices if necessary. You might even try selling these parts.


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