Who is Sasha Masiuk?

Who is Sasha Masiuk?

Sasha Masiuk is a world famous tattoo artist to celebrities. She is a master of greyscale, fine lining and engraving tattoos she has won many so many awards around the world. Sasha’s work is world renowned and recognizable by her striking black line and dot work.

Sasha attended from The Academy of Art and Design where she later graduated with honors .

After her time at university, she found work as a graphic designer where she began drawing characters for game worlds.

Sasha and her husband Pavel Dovgal opened their Sashatattooingstudios storefronts in: Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Barcelona and LOS ANGELES.

They took on unique artists as apprentices in the beginning and after would give them full-time work which created the professional Sashatattooingteam. Each artist she hires has his or her own style of tattooing. The team has thrived so much that Sashatattooing was personally hired by professional Football team FC Zenit Saint Petersburg to make tattoo projects. The team has gone on to create temporary tattoos as well which are the #1 most sold tattoo product in the United States.

Sashatattooing has had many collaborations with Reebok, YSL, Google, Levis, The Black Alchemy, ANEX, Conte, Verdad, Bishop Rotary, Bats, and Monoclock music just to name a few.

She is also a face and ambassador of big brands like: S7 airlines and L’Oréal in Russia and Urban Decay in the USA.

We are excited to see what she does next!
For more information: https://www.sashatattooing.com/

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