Who Is SnewJ?

Who Is SnewJ?

Vlogger Personality SnewJ known as a millenial mogul, has amassed a network connection of over 1.5 million, from followers to subscribers you can tell he’s a celebrity and he’s here to stay.

He actually provides catchy, viral content that no other YouTube influencers can match up to. But, competition is a competition at the end of the day.

From a one time point of view, you can see him sporting Lamborghini’s and other luxury vehicles. This handsome celebrity is known for videos related to pranks, challenges, motor vlogs, lifestyle blogs, and reaction videos.

If you’re looking to do a sponsored promotion with SnewJ you can be looking at an estimated price of $400 to $700.

Good content never comes cheap, let alone the fact he estimates over 300,000 daily new YouTube views.

Getting in contact with SnewJ can be fairly simple, all you have to do is contact his business email which is located in his Instagram bio. Here’s the link below.


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