Why some are just bound to make it and why Billy Arora is one of them

Why some are just bound to make it and why Billy Arora is one of them

Elegant and distinctive, Billy Arora stands out amongst a crowded field.

Modeling used to be the silent profession, but no longer.

The industry has changed drastically with social media, Models are going live on instagram sharing their routines, behind the scenes or posting innovative and artistic skills with the world to gather a huge fan base. But when everyone is working hard to prove their individuality, standing out is just as hard as it was before.

Someone that does stand out is Billy Arora, a Canadian ex-equestrian who has taken off to quickly gain her spot amongst the top models in the US, Europe and Canada.

Billy Arora was born on the west coast of Canada and spent her childhood riding horses and sighting her mother working as a model. At a very young age, Billy Arora developed a passion for modeling and being blessed with the qualities, she was set on pursuing a professional career in the industry.

Billy Arora finished an education in Holistic nutrition before moving to New York City and spending the next few years travelling between the US and European capitals. Today, she is based in Los Angeles, a place that she has chosen to be her home.

The young model has always been passionate about healthy food, more precisely vegan. Billy Arora showcases her creative skills by sharing her self made ice cream, her ‘cream dreams’ even have their own little Instagram account. Talking about, her Instagram feed has a wonderful dreamy aesthetic as she always shares her travel snaps and mixes them up with her obviously popular selfies and shots.

She’s had a great run this year shooting with Vogue, Grazia and L’Officiel as well as major campaigns like YSL and Sephora.

We can’t wait to see where this girl is going next!

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