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Why you should follow the travel blogger Francesco Mancini on Instagram

Why you should follow the travel blogger Francesco Mancini on Instagram

The Travel blogger and the Entrepreneur behind Lux Travel Official has an Instagram feed that is pure goals. Francesco Mancini is a tall, dark-haired, handsome hunk who regularly posts jaw-dropping photos from his travels around the world on his official Instagram page @Francescomancinistyle. In the past 12 months alone, he has traveled to Bali, Dubai, Thailand, Greece, Germany, Italy, Maldives, Portugal and more. Since creating his Instagram page in 2013 he has now accumulated an impressive 70,000+ followers. This figure certainly looks like it is going to continue to grow and grow as he continues to post some of the most captivating images from his travels around the world. To this day he has posted over 784 photos- that’s a lot of Francesco Mancini shots!

Francesco is a Bari (Italy) born, Bali living content creator and entrepreneur. He is 26 years old and originates from Italian descent. He started his Instagram page for fun in 2013 after he moved to London, the United Kingdom from Italy. Since starting his page, he has transformed his hobby into several businesses. These businesses include his latest venture Lux Travel Official which is an affordable but luxurious travel agency that travels to some of the world’s most luxurious destinations including Dubai and Bali. Even more, if you book one of these vacations, you might just get the opportunity to meet Francesco himself!

It is believed Francesco is now living in Bali, as the majority of his Instagram posts seem to originate from the country. His last 6 Instagram posts show him as having traveled all over Bali and to Berlin, Germany. If you are an Instagram user who wants travel inspiration, hotel recommendations or just want to watch this handsome guy travel to some of the world’s most beautiful destinations, then you should definitely be following Francesco on Instagram @Francescomancinistyle


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