With more than 50% market capture Incomet leads the training in the stock market segment in India

With more than 50% market capture Incomet leads the training in the stock market segment in India

In India, the financial market Bombay stock Exchange came into existence in 1875 and the National Stock Exchange in 1992, lakhs and lakhs of people invest in these financial markets on regular basis but there are hardly any organizations till very recent who provided proper training and guidance for trading and investments in these markets. Breaking the old norms of investing based on speculations, Incomet Learnings Pvt Ltd is one such organization that provides out-of-the-box online training in the stock market to safeguard the interest of investors.

Incomet which was founded by young Delhi-based entrepreneur Kanishk Gupta in the year 2018 has quickly emerged as a market leader in this segment with capturing more than 50% market nationwide. The firm which is known for its most up-to-date and practicable learning program has already covered the complete market in South India and a large chunk of North-India as well, including Delhi-NCR. Incomet has trained large number of  stock market enthusiasts in trading and investment through its various online learning programs. Most of its mentees have already established themselves well in the stock market and associated sectors.  

Asking the reason behind this fast-paced success Kanishk says “This was largely an untapped segment, where demand is huge and supply is minuscule. The most important reason for our success is that our programs are very realistic and result-oriented. We have a very efficient team of expert trainers and live training sessions to understand the functioning of the financial market well. We have been extra cautious while preparing the learning material that every technicality is included in it in the most simple and detailed manner, to make it easy to understand and grasp. Our courses are most comprehensive and competitive.”

Incomet is one of the preferred choices from people across the nation when it comes to training in trading and investment. Because of its most apt solutions, it has become the largest community of traders, investors, and entrepreneurs with more than 1.4 million followers. Kanishk wants to take it to a newer height by adding more dynamic and innovative courses. He wants to motivate more and more people to associate with the sector he is passionate about.

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