With Yashoda, Samantha demonstrates her star power

With Yashoda, Samantha demonstrates her star power

Yashoda is a film that was not advanced that much before its delivery as Samantha was debilitated. She gave just a single meeting and this was enough for the fans to get energized for Yashoda.

The film delivered last Friday with good surveys. How the film’s statement of mouth developed, the assortments throughout the end of the week were just a proof of Samantha’s star power.

The film crossed the $400K mark in the US and furthermore made north of 4 crores share in Telugu states in its initial three days. The film will be tried from today as the non-weekend days have started.

In any case, the producers are really content with the assortments as the film will be in benefit soon. This achievement indeed demonstrates that Samantha has a strong fan following and can draw in the crowd to the theater regardless of whether it is a female situated film.

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