You Need a Plan

You Need a Plan

Going through life without a plan is a dangerous affair. Do you know what happens when you don’t have a plan? You’ll meet some cute person and they will have a plan for you. This is nice of them, but no one will come up with a plan for your life that doesn’t benefit them. Think about the last time some cute person told you what you should be doing – it didn’t work out, right?! You see, on the other side of someone else’s plan for us is usually disappointment. We’re left with the consequence of their plan. That doesn’t even sound right – their plan, our life!  If we have our own plan, you can gauge what they propose. You might say, “that’s nice that you have a plan for my life, and I think it’s cute that you included yourself in my plan, but your plan doesn’t get me to my goal.” 

You don’t need a detailed plan from the start. Set a goal and make and outline a plan. When cute comes along they’ll have to fit into your plan. 

-Shawn Abrams | 405 abrams index | abrams360media.com

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