Young Sho Dedication Determination And Discipline

Young Sho Dedication Determination And Discipline

Although the pandemic is upon us artist like Young S.H.O has been relentless during these trials and tribulations, traveling back-and-forth from the DMV area to Atlanta Georgia on a consistent basis just to record and put in long hours at the studio.

Young S.h.o has a series of new songs which has been engineered, and mixed by Patch Werks own Tugga. They have spent countless hours in the studio, and brainstorming on future music to come, but this hard work is not going in vain. Young S.h.o has jumped on the radar of many different major record labels, also iHeart radios number one DJ, DJ BIG FENCE!! DJ BIG FENCE has taking a personal liking to artist Young Sho, not only for the sound of his music, but he has become a personal mentor, and guide for artist Young Sho.

DJ Fence, not only mentors Young S.H.O, but he is more of a father/uncle figure to him Young s.h.o Say’s, that there is five key things that shapes his actions behavior and attitude, and Sho said these five things are “PROPER, PREPARATION, PREVENTS, POOR, PERFORMANCE,” and Young S.H.O imputes this vision into his own record label with a since of “knowledge, wisdom and understanding”

For more of YOUNG S.H.O and his music, search ALBUM: STRENGTH POWER LOYALTY on all platforms or Google Young S.h.o.


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