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“Your Brands Identity is your reality”

“Your Brands Identity is your reality”

Welcome Guys !

Today we have the privelege of interviewing Rishabh Marathe who speaks to us about his new book ‘Brandify You’ 

This is a unique offering because it speaks about Branding with a purpose and soi t made it an interesting proposition. So lets start !

  1. Welcome Rishabh, Please tell us something about yourself.

Hi I’m Rishabh Marathe, the author of Brandify You, a marketer by profession and a Personal Branding and Mindset Coach. I have been working in the area of Brand and product marketing for the past 12 years and have recently started coaching people on conditioning themselves to get control of theirlives. I always had the ambition to write a book and I am glad I was able to

2. How did youget into what you do right now?Please tell us more about your journey?

My journey has been pretty amazing, especially in the last 15 months. I remember struggling to find my true identity and purpose in life, when I was in a motivational seminar and from then started my journey of crafting my identity. I went through life in 4 phases, the first phase was of obedience where I listened to whatever my parents told me. The next phase was rebellion, where funnily enough, I did the exact opposite of what my parents and elders told me to do. Next came the phase of conformity, when I would conform to the success formula of the 95% of the people in the world, who follow others with out ever knowing what their true identity is. My reason to write this book is to kick start my journey, to help others figure out the ir true potential, of how each individualis a superhero and capable of being a powerful personal brand

3. Who are your role models?

I have 4 mentors in life. The first mentor I have is the person who introduced me to the world of online marketing and the way the landscape of India was shifting, Mr Siddharth Rajsekar. My second mentor is the person who has truly transformed me internally, Mr Arfeen Khan, who believes Im capable to making a difference. My third mentor has also given me very strong tools and the power to transform, Mr Mohammed Rafi and last but not the leaset, the person who has helped me realise my potential to manage my wealth and my wealth mindset, Mr ReshveenRajendran

4. What inspires you ?

Well I have always been fascinated by human potential and the power you and me possess to change ourdestiny. I was a person ridden with phobias and I would never have come out of my own shell, had my mind not allowed me to. Our minds are capable to move mountains. Its time we all become the best version of ourselves

5. Please tell us about your book 

Brandify You is my attempt to re-think the personal branding paradigm. Mymottois ‘You are the CEO of brand YOU’ and anything you do will reflect on how good or baditis. If you have a purpose, a mission to achieve a great place in life that stems out of the need to serve the world, this book is for you. Brandify You is an honest attempt to help educate every individual out there about the benefits of how personal branding can transform their lives. In today’s competitive world, personal branding is needed in every walk of life, as a student, as an employee or an entrepreneur or even as a person. This book helps you understand how you can combine your skill sets and mindset to Brandify You into a strong personal brand and help you achieve that edge over your competition.

6. What are the success strategies/secrets that helped you in your journey?

Well I was very unsuccessful when I was trying my hand at pseudo entrepreneurship. I had no purpose, no passion and no cause. The moment I got all of these, The journey started getting smoother by the day. Life changed and I changed as well

7. What keeps you going when things get tough?

Well its perspective and realization, that I have a larger purpose in life than just of the person who I was. I played various lives earlier and so being inadequate in any one of those roles made me insecure. Now that I have my purpose, it helps me keep grounded.

Another very important thing is Gratitude to each and every hand that has held me on this journey

8. How can people connectwithyou?

Well I am available on, my twitter id is @RMartey. My youtube channel is by the name of Rishabh Marathe and I always keep posting valuable content for mytribe !

9. Any message for ourreaders…

Your  Brands Identity is your Reality. So how ever you position yourself becomes your identity. You can choose to have an identity of a loser or a rebel or change your mirror and change your identity of a person who can make a difference

10. Where can webuythis book ?

You can puchased this book on

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