3 Ways On How To Stay Authentic On Instagram

3 Ways On How To Stay Authentic On Instagram

When you put your business on Instagram, you are exposing yourself to strangers. So it is essential to make the best impression possible, explains Instagram Expert Ela Duys.

“The most effective way to do this is to be authentic,” Ela says. “According to a 2017 study by Stackla, 86 percent of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding what brands they like and support.”

“That is a very high percentage, and you ignore it at your peril. It is one of the reasons why I believe you should make authenticity one of your core values when it comes to your Instagram strategy.”

Why Authenticity Is Key

There are very few people out there who are willing to buy from someone they do not trust. This is understandable because, without trust, someone is buying a product or service based on nothing.

“One way to think of your followers is as strangers who could become excellent clients,” Ela says. “So you should work hard to build trust with them, and everything you do on Instagram should educate, provide value, or entertain them, all while remaining true to yourself and your principles.”

The Instagram expert continues, “It is also important to get to know the people who engage with your posts and learn what they are interested in and what’s important to them. Remember, there is no point in growing your account if your current followers aren’t actively engaged with you.” Getting target followers and maintaining them is a difficult task to do. That’s why top Instagram growth companies are offering many services to the Insta users to keep growing their account.

People Don’t Buy What You Do; They Buy Why You Do It.

Ela Duys believes that every single thing you post, every photo on your grid, every caption beneath your photos, stories, reels, or IGTV videos, should be authentic. 

“You do that by showing up as your true self,” Ela explains. “Speak from the heart. Explain why your product or service is something everyone needs. Please explain why you started your business and why it means so much to you. Create a conversation around topics you are passionate about that you think your ideal client will also be interested in.”

She continues, “And when you are writing a caption, make sure what you are sharing is either valuable, educational, or entertaining. Gone are the days of one-liners that mean nothing about your brand. You have 15 seconds to capture someone’s attention, so make sure your starting line is enough to make someone stop and read the rest.”

“If you are unsure what to say, then share something you believe in. It does not matter whether it is a thought, a philosophy, an opinion, or an anecdote. If what you share is interesting and authentically you, then your followers will keep coming back to see what you share next.”

Make Sure Your Profile Reflects Who You Are

As a business owner on Instagram, there seem to be many rules, such as making sure all your photos are professional and not sharing anything that could embarrass your brand.

However, although professional photos are unique and a profile that shows your company positively is desirable, Ela says it is also important to remember that your photos and your grid represent you and your personal brand. So you want your photos to be high-quality and your captions well-written and free from errors, but you also want to be authentic.

“So post some photos that aren’t professional,” Ela advises. “Share something of the real you. Write captions that have meaning for you. Even consider risky moves like publishing a rant about something you care about. All of these things will create a community that is engaged with your brand and is eager to learn more about you constantly.”

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