A 16-Year old baseball star, Landon Bonneville, is paving his way to success

A 16-Year old baseball star, Landon Bonneville, is paving his way to success

Having a career as an athlete can be promising. Nowadays, every other kid wants to become a professional athlete. For a teenager or a high-school graduate finding a genuine talent turns out to be a challenging task. Landon Bonneville is one such baseball player who has paved his way to success at a very young age. He is just 16-year old and has already started creating a big name for himself.

Landon Bonneville is a baseball player based out of Suffolk, Virginia, USA. He has played for several teams including Western Branch Thunder.

Bonneville’s profile

Landon Bonneville has a robust physical frame with a height of 6-feet and weighs 170-pounds. Landon is a part of the class of 2022. In his team, he plays primarily as a catcher. Landon is a student at King’s Fork High School in Suffolk, Virginia. Besides being a catcher, his secondary position lies as a right-handed pitcher. Some kids spend their summers by sitting around and doing nothing. Unlike others, Bonneville utilizes his summer holidays playing for his summer team. He aims at utilizing his times by brushing up his skills. 

How is Bonneville making his ways to succeed with his healthy statistics?

The Western Branch Thunder is the team for which Bonneville plays. His love for baseball and rigorous practice has led him to generate a healthy statistic. He can throw the baseball at 78 miles an hour. His maximum fastball is 80 miles an hour. Thus, Landon has a good pitching record. He aims to hit from the right side by having an open, balanced stance. His low leg kick always strides on line and has a smooth load down. The time and speed at which Landon maneuvers the ball is 60 times of 7.59 with a position velocity of 74. 

A good baseball player has an average two seconds of POP time and 4.3 home to first, whereas Landon has a 2.00 pop time and a 4.75 home to first. Landon, being only a 16-year old baseball player, has his statistics close to these numbers.  So, one can imagine how good a player he is with an impressive stat. 

His achievements

Landon Bonneville has played on Team USA three times. Whenever he is on the field, he attracts a lot of eyes on him. His hips rotate with some violence by maintaining a right lower half balance and is swift to the ball. Landon holds 88.3 percentile in his class of 2022. His remarkable achievements do not restrict to baseball. He holds a high-rank position wherever he goes. We are sure that Landon would be sitting in the upper 90 percentile in the future. Apart from baseball, Landon has some great hobbies. He paints and creates custom shoes. Yes, you heard it right. Landon likes to paint shoes in his free time. 

He has achieved excellent exposure to online platforms. His Instagram profile showcases his passion and updates on his career. He loves followers and always tries to keep them updated through his posts. He is also having over one million followers in TikTok. He was passionate about baseball from a very young age. When he was five, he met two of his favorite MLB players, which inspired him so much. Later he customized game shows by himself and gifted them. 

He always wants to become a professional baseball player. But he is a kid with a backup plan too. In case the baseball didn’t work out for him, he wants to do something in the music industry. For example, something related to the tour manager, sound guy, music business, or record label. Landon is an inspiring and up-coming professional baseball player.

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