New lucrative TAX code changes for your business, due to CARES ACT.

New lucrative TAX code changes for your business,  due to CARES ACT.

CARES ACT Passed by Congress on March 27th How does it help your business?
Jace McDonald best selling author and entrepenuer will explain.

As a business owner you are busy and hire professionals to handle your very important CPA and tax professional work.
Those professionals have had over 3,000 changes hit them since the last governement administration left office and the new current administration has been in place.

More changes have occured, such as the tax code changes in the JOBS ACT and then the current CARES ACT. Are you aware of the new lucrative tax code changes?

Very few services are working with your CPA to help guide you throught the process. This will see if you qualify under the Expanded R n D credits that many professionals never knew
they would or could benefit from, such as Dentists, Farmers, Manufacturing.

IF your business owns commerical real estate, new guildlines have opened up and expanded within the CARES ACT to make the more lucrative time in the tax code.

Is your tax person a tax CREDIT, tax incentives and tax savings specialist? That’s ok the team offering the fastest turn around to meet the CARES ACT deadlines is offering FREE analysis,
no upfront money to sees how much you qualify for. One dentist just qualified for $134,000 another Metal Fab show over $1.5 million in over all benefits, their CPA missed the first 15 years they
have been in business. What about a $269,900 tax wipe out for this year, WOW yes WOW thats what the owners wife said. A true blessing to their business family run for almost 20 years.

Please take time to see if your busienss qualifies for tax free money from the CARES ACT you have nothing to lose, any state you work in or own real estate in qualifies.
How soon could you use your tax free money? What if in 3 to 5 days your free analysis is ready for a review with a tax credit specialist are you ready to find out how much tax free money you deserve to take
advantage of?

Feel free to call the hotline 608 403 7008 tax credit hotline or text 608 516 1956 and speak with a professional.
FREE ebook Howfastdoyouwantyourmoney.com for your free copy. Learn more about this huge tax free money distribution that your business
is missing out on. This is not a loan, this is not an SBA program, this is tax incentives and credits that you are not getting at your business thtas is being missed that
you may qualify for under the new CARES ACT guidelines.

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