A candid interview with Cole Morgan, leading branding expert

A candid interview with Cole Morgan, leading branding expert

There’s no doubt about it; marketing has entered the digital age. In particular, social media is the new go-to medium for restaurants, retail stores, and personal brands. Digital marketing and branding expert Cole Morgan is here to give us some insider knowledge about the industry.

Cole, how can people quickly grow their social media pages? Any tips or tricks?

While there’s no “one size fits all” method to grow your page, I do think it helps to flip the focus from you to your followers. For example, my primary medium is Instagram. To grow an Instagram page quickly, I need people to want to be my followers. That means I need to create content that is not just interesting to a vast number of people but “share-worthy.” People should want to re-post my content. If you’re trying to create shareable content and struggling, ask yourself this: what would make this post more relevant to my followers? What would incentivize them to pass it along to their friends and draw value from it? That’s a sure-shot way to grow your follower base.

You make money by selling your pages after you grow them. How does one create a page worth selling?

You have to realize that you’re not just selling a page; you’re creating and selling a brand. I keep that in mind from day one. So all of the content I create, I make sure it follows a unified theme. This is the building-block to cementing your brand identity. Simple factors like adopting the same color theme, font type, and consistency in voice and values can make a huge difference. Your followers want to feel there’s a person behind all of your content. Building that personal connection is what defines a respected brand.

Any advice on how to stay relevant on an evolving platform like Instagram?

Post often. If you’re managing multiple pages or are busy with other things, create a posting schedule. I’ve found that really helps me stay on top of my accounts. You don’t want your followers to forget about you. But more than that, do your research! Know what’s going on in the world so that your content is always relevant and informed. Stay tuned into pop culture, but also politics and social happenings. 

In the age of social media, digital marketing is more important than ever. According to social media and branding expert Cole Morgan, the key is to stay relevant, original, and consistent. 

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