Dr. Guillermo Alvarez: Endohospitalis the First Hospital Designed Specifically for Gastric Sleeve Surgery Globally

Dr. Guillermo Alvarez: Endohospitalis the First Hospital Designed Specifically for Gastric Sleeve Surgery Globally

Opting for a weight loss surgery is one of the most important life-changing decisions that requires you to have the utmost faith and confidence in your doctor. Selecting the right surgeon who has outstanding credentials and an impeccable reputation helps to alleviate any fears you may have and instills a sense of assurance and trust that you will be treated with utmost care. World-renowned bariatric gastric sleeve surgeon Dr. Guillermo Alvarez affectionately known as Dr. A among his patients understands the concerns an individual would have regarding the life-transforming surgery and guides them patiently by addressing every question. He has successfully performed 18,000+ surgeries, dedicating his career to helping individuals live healthier, happier, and more fulfilled lives.

Dr.Alvarez has founded a one-of-a-kind hospital to treat bariatric cases. He says, “Endohospital is the first hospital designed specifically for gastric sleeve surgery globally. It boasts of a team that has 14 years of experience and is equipped with world-class facilities that include Endosurgery suites, a hotel, a laboratory, radiology department, a gift shop, cafeteria, a park, and a spa.”

Located in Piedras Negras, Mexico, Endohospital is only eight blocks away from the U.S. Border, and patients are offered free door-to-door transportation service from San Antonio, Texas. The hospital maintains exceptional standards of healthcare, comprises of expert professionals dubbed as ‘The A-Team,’ and a fully bilingual staff to ensure you are well understood and comfortable during your stay.

Endohospital receives patients from all over the world to be treated by Dr. Alvarez, one of the only 12 worldwide surgeons certified as a ‘Master Bariatric Surgeon.’ His exceptional skills and personalized attention to his patients has gained him immense respect in the field. Discussing why the hospital focuses only on the gastric sleeve surgery aspect of bariatric surgery, he shares, “I believe you should be an expert in one area and dedicate yourself to conquer it successfully. By focusing on gastric sleeve surgery, I have no other distractions, and each day I master the art and craft the best sleeves, using the highest quality surgical materials.”

Dr. Alvarez received his medical education from USA, Mexico, and France, and specializes in Advanced Laparoscopy Minimally Invasive Surgery, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, and Bariatric Surgery. He has been performing gastric sleeve surgery since 2006 and has also authored seven books on the subject, which were bestsellers on Amazon.

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