Dr. Kambiz Sadraei: From Humble Beginnings to Becoming a Leading Dental Surgeon across Texas

Dr. Kambiz Sadraei: From Humble Beginnings to Becoming a Leading Dental Surgeon across Texas

They say our fate is born with us. While it’s a self-evident notion, it has more to it than meets the eye. In the older communities of the world, this used to mean that a son will follow in the father’s footsteps, excelling in the same way as him. Although this gave progeny a sense of certainty, it also put a cap on their expectations from themselves. On the other hand, the transforming and mutating modern world breaks down walls set up by these notions, attempting to understand them by challenging them. As a result, they are opening up to the world, taking risks, and succeeding by persisting. This ideology has been the guiding light of Dr. Kambiz Sadraei, who went from humble beginnings to becoming a leading dental surgeon across Texas. This is the story of his change and growth.

Dr. Sadraei was born in Iran, grew up in Los Angeles, and is now settled in the laidback landscapes of El Paso, Texas. He has earned his popularity and renown as a cosmetic surgeon even though he didn’t start out that way. Recalling his days of a different pursuit, he says, “I started as a ‘serious musician.’ I wanted to play concerts, form bands, and tour the world. I had come to a point when music had entered almost every pore of my life. But you know life had other plans. And before I knew it, I was taking baby steps into dentistry and walking the tightrope until I got steady.”

Steady, indeed. His fame has been steadily building, as both a dentist and as an enthusiastic Instagrammer and YouTuber. With over 104K followers on Instagram, Dr. Sadraei inhabits the same world as his patients, connects with their choices, and manages to stay on top of their minds as well. While his social media presence doesn’t go unnoticed, he has achieved most fame for his work as a facial aesthetician. And, especially in the area of buccal pad reduction where “fat is removed intra-orally from the inside of the cheeks to give the patient a chiseled look. It’s a 30-minute procedure and one I’ve become most known for.” Testifying his popularity are the two awards he won in 2017 and 2018 as America’s top dentist.

Dr. Sadraei believes that there are two core aspects to his work as a dentist. “One is,” he says, “the technical side, you know, which requires my skill as a dentist. And the other is the humane side, one which requires me to remember that my patients come to me to bring their best out. They are beautiful and lovely individuals who will feel more confident to give their gifts to the world with a little bit of help. That I can play a role in their accomplishments makes me value my work more than anything.”

Dr. Sadraei is bringing a new kind of sensitivity to dentistry. From empathy to compassion to the deep faith he has in what he does – all these attributes have helped him transform his humble beginnings to humility and success. 

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