One name that shines bright in the business of Drop Shipping is that of Manjeet Singh Sangha aka DesiRichKid.

One name that shines bright in the business of Drop Shipping is that of Manjeet Singh Sangha aka DesiRichKid.

To create an empire out of nothing is the sign of a super achiever, and Manjeet is one such blessed soul who has that Midas Touch.

Manjeet Singh Sangha aka DesiRichKid, born in a small city near Berlin, Germany has made a fortune, which one can only dream of. Since a tender age of 13, all he wanted to do was to own a business empire, which would make his dream of living a luxurious life turn to reality. Having followed the lifestyle of his icons, whom he looked up to, he was keen to follow them, no matter what. With the sole aim of establishing his own successful venture, he set out to create his own drop shipping business, which went ahead to become one of the best one has ever seen.

Manjeet says “I always wanted to put in my sweat and blood to build up my own empire instead of working for someone else, where my capabilities would be judged by a third person. I would rather give my 100% to my own self, and this thought process fuelled my mind to start my own venture”. Manjeet’s sole aim was to reach heights of success which would enable him to lead a luxurious life for himself and his clan.

Manjeet has drawn a lot of inspiration by reading books like ‘Rich dad poor dad’ and ‘how to win friends and influence people’, which has instilled enough motivation in him to conquer the world. During the initial days of starting his venture, he went through a lot of troubled waters, experienced huge losses, but never let these setbacks come in the way of his journey to success. From incurring huge losses to starting doing business for a mere $100 a day, today the same business which was almost written off amazingly generates a whopping $30000 a month.

Today Manjeet owns 6 online stores which have 2500+ clients and some of the biggest brands known in industry. He shares his knowledge on how to create and nurture a drop shipping business to growth to aspiring entrepreneurs through his consulting entity ‘Drop Shipping University’. Manjeet also has interests in real estate, having invested in a large portfolio of residential and commercial properties. Seeing him zoom off in his fanciest set of wheels which comprise of McLaren and Mercedes S-Class, it is not wrong to say – Manjeet Singh Sangha aka Desirichkid has indeed arrived.

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