A thoughtful Influencer Marketer – Connecting with People Alpesh Rawal – frosto_89

A thoughtful Influencer Marketer – Connecting with People Alpesh Rawal – frosto_89

“Where there is a will, there is a way”. This is true in every sense and Alpesh has proved it with his successful journey of Influencer Marketing. Mr. Alpesh Narendra Rawal is a determined and focused person. He has the qualities of pushing his limits and achieving his goals. He knows that determination can overcome any obstacle and is very thoughtful in his Influencer Marketing efforts. He is focused on creativity and research in it.
Alpesh is a Businessman, Entrepreneur, Founder of Garbha – Nav9rang Institute, Tarot card reader, Blogger & Influencer Marketer.

Influencer Marketing is not just marketing, but connecting with one’s followers and audience. It is important to be real and practical. Even in this lockdown times, Alpesh has left no stone unturned to practice it at home. It is not possible to go out for shootings or in external studios in this pandemic situation, but he has managed all equipment at home. Ring lights, back drops, collar mike, products, sound proof mike, script has been arranged at home. He also works hard in preparing content and scripts.

He also focusses on content specifically as it is the bridge between the brand and the audience. He has to invest more time in creative arrangements as it is difficult to arrange the required infrastructure staying at home. His creativity from home is a result of his hard work and commitment.
He believes that though we have difficult times, we have to survive. And survive in a way that our elders are proud of us and we become inspiration for our younger generations.

Alpesh, being an Influencer Marketer has a strong thought process of shaping and defining the conversation with the audience. It is challenging and very creative as it is not just repeating what others say, it is a genuine association with the brand and audience. His motto in life is to understand people and grow together. While endorsing brands, followers’ interest is equally important for him. He also exercises the fact that influencing is not just reaching out to people but understand their interests. He owns the responsibility of both the brand and the audience. His strategy is being genuine, accessible and responsive. His humanity is reflected in his online presence and that is why it becomes easier for him to connect with people and shows a more relatable side. Being patient is as important as anything else in Influencer Marketing and his perseverance has made him a successful Influencer Marketer in a short span and his association with more than 120 brands and counting.

Understanding the technique, science and emotional side behind the idea of Influencer Marketing is necessary for a marketer. People gravitate to a specific content and idea and share same values and preferences with a genuine marketer.
Alpesh has mastered the art of Influencer Marketing in a very thoughtful and practical manner. His belief on truth and trust will take him to newer heights of success. We stand behind him for his true and humane gesture and wish him loads of success.

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