How Dr. Juan Carlos Izquierdo pursued his passion and became a leading entrepreneur

How Dr. Juan Carlos Izquierdo pursued his passion and became a leading entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is not a sprint. It is a marathon with many entrepreneurs in it for the long haul inspired by their modest beginnings and willingness to branch out and achieve something extraordinary. Being an entrepreneur comes with its unique challenges, but that doesn’t deter some of the best and brightest from pursuing a dream in search of a better life. Dr. Izquierdo understands the journey from humble beginnings to entrepreneurship and has become a leading businessman in the United States of America.

Born in Cuba, Dr. Izquierdo was raised in a small beach town where he dreamed of becoming a dentist. “I always wanted to help people and found my calling in dentistry,” says Dr. Izquierdo. “My sister embarked on a dental career but she was unable to finish it, and from that point on, I made it my mission to become a successful dentist and entrepreneur.” President and CEO of Moderna Dental, Inc., Dr. Izquierdo represents dental practices throughout the continental United States.

Growing up in rural Cuba wasn’t easy, and Dr. Izquierdo’s tenacity is a result of hard work and opportunity. “When we emigrated to the US, everything changed,” explains Dr. Izquierdo. “There are no disadvantages when you are willing to work past them. You see everything as an opportunity.” After graduating from a world-renowned dental school in Boston, Dr. Izquierdo traveled the world, studying smile perfection and symmetry, and developed numerous processes that promote aesthetics, functionality, and harmony.

“Dentistry is an intricate practice that impacts one’s health and confidence,” states Dr. Izquierdo. “That is why we founded Moderna Dental, Inc. We want everyone to have access to a high-level of care, so we scaled our concepts to care for others.” By supporting local communities with the best dental care available, Dr. Izquierdo has revolutionized the healthcare industry with Moderna’s business model.

Dr. Izquierdo’s goal is to make Moderna Dental the number one dental supporting organization to be a part of, and with the success of his expansion plan, he is already on the way there. “We want every city to have fast, predictable, and quality solutions to dental care,” says Dr. Izquierdo. “It’s about reaching people and changing their lives for the better.” With smiles on the horizon, Dr. Izquierdo is developing the gold standard in dental care one city at a time.

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