Meet Masters Of The Business Entertainment, Fashion And Artist Management Joel NaeSketchie Molina

Meet Masters Of The Business Entertainment, Fashion And Artist Management Joel NaeSketchie Molina

NaeSketchie’s story is the one of the classical ideal rags to riches story. Naesketchie was born in New York City when his parents came from DR in the search of a better life and a better future for him and his siblings. He is a multifaceted entrepreneur who oversees the various brands. NaeSketchie is a musical and nightlife mogul in his own right. Growing up on Valentine Ave & Fordham, Bronx, New-York. Joel had to adapt to the concrete jungle and find his calling. He had taken his networking skills to another level and never looked back since. Joel Naeketchie’s label journey had decades ago when he decided to manage his niece Angelica now also well-known as the first lady of Sketchie Entertainment Roc National.

In the Beginning of his vogue he has managed to acquire several jobs to help him provide best for his family and for himself. He also worked as an usher, as a sales associate at the citywide clothing store Dr jays, and even he creates airbrushed clothing items for cash in his teens to earn more affiliation. He is a Natural born Hustle with great spirit. Occupations as a Youngman helped him to build his character as a determination, a hardworking attitude and a great sense of fashion had always ignited his flame for entrepreneurship. When JoelNaeSketchie decided to throw a party at his sister’s House. One of his greatest friends suggested him that he should host this party. Joel’s party turned out to be an amazing successful party event and then he since charged at the door he made money as well. He processed to organize more events like weekly events and built numerous contacts in the process that would help him take his events to the nextest level.

Running along with Sketchie Entertainment. He has also become a successful entrepreneur by running his Unique Luxury Clothing Line Mazco Original. MAZCO Original also had extreme success throughout its years. Mazco Original comes from NewSketchie’s spontaneous desire for his own clothing line brand. Nae always knew that with his amazing skills he would master the fashion industry. NaeSketchie wanted to build Mazco to make their consumer feel and look great. In the Logo of Mazco he stands for life. He thinks that the brand name is the most important thing ever.

The original name of Mazco itself was from he;s want for the name to be very catchy, exclusive and original. In this logo you can see red represents the fire, the yellow one represents the sun and blue represents the water equating this is all what Mazco is representing.MAZCO Original is built to make their customers look great. Nae has been selling out Mazco at various clothing stores and in online stores to facilitate the building of MACO into the great brand which he wanted it to be.

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