A young boy full of determination: Arsh Khatri

A young boy full of determination: Arsh Khatri

Arsh Khatri, 22-year-old, talented boy has achieved a huge achievement in his life in such a pretty young age. With such a unique and creative skills,

Check out the skills that Arsh Khatri poses!

In today’s time the demand for graphic designer is high and Arsh Khatri is one of a fine individual who poses the skill of graphic designing. With his creativity he has designed some amazing and mesmerizing graphic design in various films and videos. He is so much passionate about video making, video editing, motion pictures, logo designing etc. And somehow, he has managed to charm everyone with his ‘out of the box’ thinking skills which he has!

Even though his fans have given him the title of ‘perfect human being’ which he doesn`t believe. And he says, “Learning is a never-ending process and we should always try to upgrade are skills”. He always try to design creatively and from every design he learns a lot from it as well.

This talented young boy is also a great influencer on social media. His innocent looks is just a bonus through which he has gained a huge number of followers. Recently he is been doing various photoshoots where his innocent and killer look can melt down every girls heart.

Arsh is so much determined and clear about his aims and goals. His desire is to become a great actor and a super cool model to which he is extremely working day and night.

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