Rajesh Bethireddy – A Telugu Guy who is trending fashion model in the country

Rajesh Bethireddy – A Telugu Guy who is trending fashion model in the country

There is lot of attraction and improvement towards fashion industry from decade.Everybody is concerned about fashion and style.People loves to wear designer clothes these days and Rajesh Bethireddy is the one who potraits these clothers more closer to the people.

Rajesh Bethireddy is very passoniate about modelling since his college days.He is always encouraged by the people around him.He got “Mr.Congenial” from the show “Top International Model Hunt 2020” and then he got more hike towards fashion industry.
Rajesh Bethireddy is already darling to telugu states in the fashion circle where everybody is talking about his handsome look and darling smile.

According to Rajesh Bethireddy,Fashion decides who you are and what you are,everyone should focus on the outfit that they are wearing and levels their body language accordingly.The way we carry ourself is a key point to make up the fashion sense.

@rajeshbethireddy is his instagram handle and he got 14,000 followers in short span of time proves that the content he provides is the top notch.He is the inspiration to youth especially the way he wear clother and the way he chooses his attire in a different manner.
Rajesh Bethireddy is involved in so many brand collaborations like kalon natural,menslab,dialysuvichar store,wildstone etc.His recent campaign with wildstone sense perfume went viral in his instagram handle and attracted by so many people.There are multiple offers floating for tvc,designers collection to him
We wish him all the best to his future projects.

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