African Entrepreneur Ref Wayne Is Making Headlines As The Best In Trade

African Entrepreneur Ref Wayne Is Making Headlines As The Best In Trade

Everyone is aware of how difficult it is to succeed in the financial trading business. It requires entrepreneurial skills, optimum knowledge of the market, prudence and perseverance. Refiloe Nkele, better known as Ref Wayne, has got it all to be the best in trade. It’s his pen name that is more popular among people. 

Insight and experience have trained his mind to know Forex trading like the back of his hand. No doubt, he is one of the most reckoning names in African business circle as the entrepreneur making the biggest headlines.

From A High School Teenager To A Billionaire

It is interesting to note that Ref Wayne entered trading just at the age of 16, at an age when teenagers are in high school. In only three years he achieved enough success to make a million. By the age of 22, Wayne was already a millionaire, never having to look back. 

As a student, he was always a teenager of high IQ and showed a keen interest in different subjects like Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Psychology and Artificial Intelligence. From his interest in science, he leapt to Forex trading and pursued it with equal interest, passion, dedication and intelligence. 

He decided to drop from high school, and just when he was planning to earn a living, he met his mentor David Schwartz. He introduced Wayne to the world of Forex trading and led him on. The rest, as they say, is history.

A Man of Many Talents

Entrepreneur Ref Wayne founded the African Forex Institute and the Armageddon System. He teaches young people though the AFI on how to earn from home, and be successful in trading. He aims to educate young Africans to earn and eradicate the dire poverty. The young entrepreneur is one of the youngest billionaires in Africa and the man who shaped important ventures like Forexamg and Pipcoin, the first African digital currency. 

Apart from being a terrific entrepreneur and a master in Forex trading, he is also a motivational speaker, inspiring thousands with his words. He is also an inspirational author and one of the most noted among self-development authors in South Africa. Achieving such great heights at a young age is genuinely path breaking and is enough to inspire people.

Disciplined Style Of Working

The best quality to learn from Ref Wayne is his discipline in trading. His way of approach speaks of his discipline, which helps him to focus and follow a well chalked out plan. From the beginning to the end, he has everything mapped out for clarity and ease of working. 

Pre-set goals help him to find a smooth way to success always. He knows how to execute his plans and the right moment to enter and exit. Prudent decisions about the right point to enter and exit makes him a smart trader. In this aspect, too, he is an inspiration for newcomers. Besides, his consistency and precise method of working in a well-planned manner is something to learn from for all.

It’s truly remarkable to see such young talents making it big in trading with their skill and talents. Ref Wayne is hands down the most successful of young African Forex traders, achieving name and fame, and making billions. 

At the age of 25, when young people start getting into the trade, he is already a headline maker, earning in billions, inspiring millions of people as a Forex trading guru and an inspirational author and orator.

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