Alicia Lacao-Green does wonders with her shading and contouring skills.

Alicia Lacao-Green does wonders with her shading and contouring skills.

The spectacular work that she has presented has gained her global recognition, which is truly deserving.

Alicia Lacao-Green, more popular as Liss Lacao/Liss Makeup is rated as one of the finest make-up artists who has done wonders with her skills in transforming herself into various looks of celebrities and much more via shading and contouring. Her talent has been widely recognized with many prominent media companies like CNN News, Newyork Post and the Sun Newspaper. The amount of talent this Kent, UK born artist exudes is extraordinarily brilliant and incomparable, the sole reason her talent has been recognized on a global stage at present.

She says that her interest towards this space started building at a young age as she learnt the nitty-gritty’s of this art step by step, till she had mastered it to its roots. Experimenting with make-up and body painting as a child at school fests drew her interest towards it more as she grew up, and that culminated into a full-fledged career going ahead in life. She has always been passionate about body art and make-up since the beginning, which shows in her present days’ work. She beleives that make-up is an art which has no boundaries and one can experiment with it as far as their mind takes them, and that’s true in every sense as she has introduced things which were out-of-the-box ideas, that took her popularity zooming skywards.

“The more challenging my work, the more inspired I get,” says the fabulous make-up artist who keeps experimenting with ideas which are unique and help her stand out. What’s amazing about her work is that she doesn’t rely on any special effects to get the outstanding results, and it’s purely made out of shading and contouring, which is quite impressive. Today, she has a team working for her who are well-trained and know how to work with precision. She says that she likes to reinvent and push herself to the limits to churn out work which amazes all.

When asked about her future plans, Alicia says, she wants to grab the position of the best make-up artist and is also looking forward to work in films and even produce on her own. She firmly believes that persistence is the key to success and one should not deviate from their goals in order to reach the top.

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