Miami Duo James Roan and Richy B Will Be Releasing “Elements of Life” album Soon

Miami Duo James Roan and Richy B Will Be Releasing “Elements of Life” album Soon

We are witnessing greatest developing right here in front of us! Everyone loves a success story, but it’s even better when you got to see and watch the growth from the ground up. Knowing about something when it’s at an early stage and watching it take off. James Roan is a upcoming recording artist with advanced skills possessing lyricism, flow, storytelling and superb writing with song structuring. When you couple that with a super producer with skills to play multiple instruments and has a great ear for music, you will get nothing less than a masterpiece! We are excited to see what these two will brig to the table coming out of a fast city like Miami.

The idea for the record came about two years ago, when the two reunited at James’s old recording studio. Richy brought his Macshine controller and used to to producer the entire album. That, along with other native and natural instruments like Piano, Guitar, Violin, Synths and others are present on every song. The concept of the name “elements of life” came about with the topics discussed. James went deep with subject matter referencing Love, Happiness, Pain, Addiction, Hard Work, Victory, Lust, Fun, Heartbreak and Mental Health. Very mature for him to go into these things, but the album is still fun enough for listens to feel good and be uplifted.

Around a dozen songs will be on the final and completed product. The album artwork is in the works and a release date will be announced by the duo soon. Expect features for rapper Chris260 and singer Michaela Springs. James and Rich has worked tirelessly to make this album a success, creating their own sound, style and lane. They stand for what they believe in and this album shall bring them plenty of success. We can’t wait to be apart of the journey and the road ahead. If they keep this up, they will apart of the top musicians in the genre for a very long time.

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