Alina Rai’s Music Video Crosses over 160 Million Views on Youtube

Alina Rai’s Music Video Crosses over 160 Million Views on Youtube

can stop talking about the viral hit song of 2019, which has been trending since its release. Badshah yet again released a hit song to add to his record collection of number ones, and this time, he came out with Kamaal.

Badshah collaborated with actress Alina Rai to create some super Kamaal. The song has become a super hit not only for its great catchy lyrics and beats but has everyone talking about the lead actress Alina Rai in the video.

The song was filmed in Yerevan Armenia and released with Yash Raj. Alina is first seen emerging in the song wearing a pink top paired with a white skirt where she is looking breathtakingly stunning.

The song is about Alina not showing any interest in materialistic items and money and rather liking the more simple things in life.

We took the time to read some of the comments of the 160 million views trending song and found that 99% of all the comments are about Alina Rai. 

Alina Rai also promoted the song Kamaal online, which reached 28 million on TikTok and became the most viewed popular video under that song. 

Since the release of the song, people can’t stop talking about Alina Rai, and we can’t stop but love her and want to know more about her. Alina rai has captured our hearts with her beautiful natural expressions and captivating beauty. We don’t blame her. She did create some Kamaal and is genuinely the Kamaal hai girl for us all.

After a fantastic response, Alina Rai has gained a lot of popularity and has been busy getting plenty of offers and gone onto signing her second Bollywood film.

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