An Ultimate Guide To Know About The Specialization In Architecture

An Ultimate Guide To Know About The Specialization In Architecture

Are you going to become architecture? If yes! This is one of the wise decisions you have made in your life. Though it is one of the oldest professions, you can provide a shelter with an embrace and the latest new science and technology. In India, the architect has gained more prestige and respect because of his/her brilliant work in the modern world. 

In order to become a professional architect, it is necessary to complete the course in the B arch colleges. There are wide ranges of B arch colleges available in the major cities like Nagpur, Mumbai and many more. All you need to do is find out the best B arch colleges in Nagpur, and enroll your name in the architecture department. 

Specialization in Architecture 

Just like the medical and other engineering professions, the architecture is also available with specialization. You can select your specialization based on your interest and start working according to it from the first day of your college life. The following are some specializations involved in Architecture. 

  1. Landscape designer 

In order to become a specialist in landscape designing, you have to do a post-graduation with landscape designing as the core subject in the B arch colleges in Nagpur. When you become a landscape designer, you can handle projects on your own. As the landscape designer, you have to redesign the project in order to add glory to the existing designs. Instead of paying more attention to the building structures, the landscape designers pay attention to the redesigning for garden and lawn areas. 

  • Urban Designer 

Like a landscape designer, if you want to become an urban designer, you should get post-certification on urban design as a major. As an urban designer, you can extend the existing design or re-designed it completely. The major scope of the urban designs are existing from the private building sites for clients and goes up to public projects in major cities of India.

  • Conservation architect  

Are you interested in the heritage culture of India? If yes! You have no other option than becoming a conservation architect. As you know, among all countries in the world, India is always top in the heritage culture. By becoming a conservation architect or conservationist, you can hold the architecture projects involved in the government tourism industry. When you obtain the Bachelor arch degree from the best B arch colleges in Nagpur and apply for a master degree in conservation. 

  • Sustainability Expert

People started moving from rural life to urbanization, and if you are concerned about the depletion of earth’s resources, you can start your career as a Sustainability Expert. As the name indicates, the architect will focus mainly on sustainability and use the available earth resources wisely. As a sustainability expert, you can get career opportunities from both within India and abroad. In order to become a sustainability expert, you should obtain your post-graduation degree from sustainability and Environmental Science.

  • Acoustics Experts 

Acoustics is nothing but a property, which is used to determine the quality of a room or a building structure. It depends on how the sound is transmitted and received in the building structure. You might have experienced the excellent sound qualities in the areas like auditoriums, cinema theaters, Museums, and in convention centers. The main reason behind this excellent sound quality is the hidden hard work of an acoustics expert. Not every architecture degree holder can develop his/her career as an acoustics Expert. Instead, the person who has completed his/her major in acoustics can become an acoustics expert. 

  • Architectural journalist 

Are you passionate about journalism? If yes! You can develop your career as an architectural journalist. In India, for the past three decades, architectural journalism attained exponential growth. When you become an architectural journalist, you are flooded with opportunities in magazines, journals, and websites, portals, which are dedicated to architecture, interior designs, and building construction. If you earn an Architecture degree from best B arch colleges in Nagpur, you are available with options like a full-time employee or as a freelancer in any building companies. By choosing the best building organizations, you can have more publications for your work. 

Final thoughts 

Hope, you get to know about the specializations involved for the architecture degree holder. Now, it is your time to find out your interest and passion. You have to choose the best B arch colleges in Nagpur to become a specialist in the architectural field. 

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