Andreas Vezonik Budding Entrepreneur is shining high in Europe with Transfera and VolumeX

Andreas Vezonik Budding Entrepreneur is shining high in Europe with Transfera and VolumeX

Because of the Internet, we are able to work freely with millions worldwide. It has helped so many people to grow as a businessman and showcase their talent not only in their own country, but they are able to make a name globally.

As people are working from one country to another, the demand for online money transactions has increased. People look for banks and online mediums where they can transfer money faster and at cheaper rates. 

Many good companies are already working from the past few years in the market like Wirex, Revolut, N26, Skrill. Now to compete against these companies, one more company which is giving fierce competition and giving better service then all name “Transfera.

Transfera was founded by budding an Austrian Entrepreneur by now living in Cyprus, his name – Andreas Vezonik.

Andreas Vezonik understands the need of the hour, so he started multiple ventures which are related to today’s time. One is Transfera which helps people transfer money or say exchange currency at a faster rate. 

Transfera is one of the best and first European regulated entities in Europe. Andreas Vezonik and his companies provide Cryptocurrency exchange and wallet services. They are going beyond Mastercard debit cards and IBAN accounts. Transfera gives an all in one solution to their clients. 

The good thing about Andreas Vezonika’s Transfera is they provide all access in one login like Debit card, exchange wallet, bank account.

VolumeX: Andreas Vezonika is also the founder of VolumeX which was founded in April 2018. VolumeX is the fastest growing Crypto and forex trading and the education platform of Europe.

With more than 15,000 customers in 1.5 years shows the growth of the company. Volumex is also expanding from Europe to other countries like Transfera.

Andreas has set a great example to young entrepreneurs to work hard on their dreams. 

Started as a network marketer and became an entrepreneur with two successful companies and fabulous earnings shows how capable is Andreas at 23.

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