Apple Smartphones Surpasses Samsung to Take the Top Spot in the EU

Apple Smartphones Surpasses Samsung to Take the Top Spot in the EU

The smartphone market in Europe has undergone a significant shift as Apple emerged victorious, surpassing Samsung following an extended competition. An important milestone for Apple was reached during the 2023 holiday quarter when the company shipped 12.4 million units, a slight year-over-year increase. After seven quarters of leading the pack, this accomplishment put an end to Samsung’s run.

The holiday quarter of 2023 saw Apple ship 12.4 million smartphone units

This change at the top is a reflection of the dynamics of the market as a whole as well as Apple’s success. The fourth quarter of 2023 saw a 3% decline in smartphone shipments to 37.8 million units throughout Europe. Thanks in part to its strong S-series and mid-range A-series, Samsung was able to maintain its position despite a 12% to 10.8 million units.

That’s not where the competition ends. Moreover, Xiaomi, Motorola, and Honor made an impression; Motorola and Honor reported impressive yearly growth rates of 73% and 116%, respectively. However, the iPhone 15 Pro in particular helped Apple’s high-end models take home nearly 40% of the market, setting a record for premium smartphone share in Europe.

Analysts observe Apple’s calculated actions to profit from impending refresh cycles and highlight the growing trend toward high-end devices. Apple’s approach to expanding its market share includes partnerships with financial institutions such as Santander in Spain. Predictions indicate that the European smartphone market will grow by single digits in 2024, so improving user experience via personalization, on-device AI, and seamless ecosystem integration will become more and more important.

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